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What a Week!

Sorry about the extended vacation. I was freaking out a little bit about the heart ultrasound. Not that it would help the situation, of course.....

The whole procedure took about 25 minutes. I got a good view of the valves inside. As far as I can tell, I gots all the parts and theys all working. The cardiologist apparently didn't have a fit once he or she looked at them, so I didn't get called in early to hear bad news. The tech taking the ultrasound didn't seem concerned, so that's always a good thing. (Remember, any time you are expedited for any medical procedure.....chances are, something inside you is pretty F*&%-ed up.)

I celebrated by cranking up the intensity on the treadmill. It might sound crazy, but the way I was thinking is this: if there is a little boo-boo on the heart, I would have heard about it by now. The best thing I can do for myself right now is to strengthen what I have in the ol' ticker.

I also started to eat a little better and take some vitamins and fish oil. I don't know if that's helping my heart, but my skin isn't so dry and my knees aren't as angry in the morning, so at least I'm getting some benefits.

I also met up with my good buddy Blake in Orlando over the weekend. He's looking for a good place to be single, since apparently a lot of people are heading out of PHX. I was able to give him one answer: not Central Florida. Try Miami or Texas or Chicago...or even Seattle first. Any ideas out there?

But the biggest news of all was the birth of my good buddy's daughter, at 3 minutes past midnight on 4 Dec! (Remember how I polled the general audience here for name suggestions a while back? That was for her.) Seven pounds, eleven ounces. I forget how long.

Oh yeah, her name? Good question....still hadn't picked one, as far as I know. So, I'm calling her NINA until I hear differently (abbreviation for No Initials, Name...or Anything). My other choice was "the Critter", but that's more appropriate for early pregnancy when you don't know if it's a boy or girl.

Anyway, mom & NINA are doing fine, and hope you all are too!


  • At 1:03 PM, Blogger Deacon Blues said…

    Congrats on the sonargram. I had it done a few years back. A mumur suddenly showed up and by the time I had the proceedure done it was gone.

  • At 6:01 PM, Blogger Scone said…

    Good to see you back, and glad that there's so much good news to go around.


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