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Get to This Beach Before it's "Discovered"

It's not a country that people think of as a tourist attraction, but Cambodia has some sites of incredible beauty.

Angkor Wat, the abandoned temple complex, has long been the nation's claim to fame. However, recently there has been a building boom along the Cambodian coast in Sihanoukville. Just think of this....a four star hotel on the beach for $125, fine French-style cuisine for $5-14 per entree, top notch seafood, and a new bakery featuring Western-style pastries. You might even catch up on that beach reading you've been planning, since there is not a huge nightlife scene....yet.

Bangkok Airways is planning on adding service to the area since the runway will be strengthened and resurfaced this spring. There are no direct flights right now. heard it here first on the Jet Set Chick, via the International Herald Tribune.....


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