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Travel Warning Update

Whilst I sit here enjoying the lovely tropical morning with a bit of Danish butter cookies, let's peruse what the big English-speaking guvmints are telling their populace about international travel.....

Australia is advising their citizenry about an outbreak of Chikungunya on Reunion Island and the Seychelles. It is a nasty mosquito-spread virus that causes a very high fever, severe rash and horrible pain in the joints. It can kill the elderly and newborns if they catch it. About five percent of the population of Reunion (a part of France just off the coast of Africa) has been infected. There is no known treatment except waiting it out. This disease also has no known vaccine. Lovely.

(As a side note, the French Government also advises against travel to the African nation of the Comoros for the same reason. Heh.....good thing to be multilingual, ain't it!)

Canada has issued a warning about Caracas' Simon Bolivar "Maiquetia" International Airport. The old road leading to the airport has been closed due to structural damage, and the alternate route is is in bad shape. Plus, the bad neighborhoods it passes through has convinced the local authorities to open up seven military posts along the road.

I'm not sure how many are along the road to Baghdad International, but it looks like we have another contender for the "Most Hazardous Trip Before Boarding Your Flight" award....

Meanwhile, Britain is closing their High Commission in Tonga, and reporting that thefts are on the upswing. If you are a Brit needing assistance, contact the New Zealanders.

Speaking of the Kiwis, they are the only ones to report some good news, at least for those of you heading to the Solomon Islands. Law and order is being restored and the threats against traveler safety have been reduced.

Last but not least, the US State Department has issued a warning about the Sudan. Why anyone would want to go there is beyond me, but if you sure to register with the embassy in Cairo first. Oh, and be sure to duck the flying rocks the locals like to wing at Westerners.

I wish I could say what the Germans are telling their people, but the party places they list are pretty much what everyone else has already warned about.

Of course, all countries advise against going to wonderful tourist meccas like Bangladesh, parts of the Middle East known for protests featuring slogans like "Death to the Infidels!", etc.

Well, I'm out of cookies and out of time. The Tsar is working from home for a bit, so my access to the 'puter will be limited. Don't think that I've forgotten you guys and gals in the Jet Set Lounge!

Bonnes Voyages!!


  • At 3:39 PM, Blogger Scone said…

    I can tell you what the Germans are saying, though. Aside from warning about the "near and middle east, Indonesia, and Afghanistan" they add a warning about Russia, where severe terrorist attacks have occurred. And there you go.

  • At 9:05 AM, Blogger Kory O said…

    Bitte, gnadige frau!

    (Yeah, I butchered it....sorry!)


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