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If a President Should Be Censured, This One Needs It More Than All The Others Ever Did

Combined, even. Yup, lump in virtually every President from Washington on, and no one deserves it more.

Even before I got totally hormonal with this pregnancy, the mere mention of his name when the Tsar asked me questions about recent American history would easily produce a torrent of obscenities defaming everything from his possible ancestry, dietary preferences, and potential deviant sexual activities. In English, Russian, Spanish, and other foreign languages too, since I was trying not to repeat myself.

Yup, ask anyone in Generation X who was the worst president during their lifetime. They may originally say "Reagan", "Clinton" or one of the Bushes, but mention this asshat, and 95% will agree he was even worse than their original answer. (We just try to blot out his memory as best as we can.)

I mean, damn, even Clinton prefers to hang out with his fellow Republican former presidents! (It might have something to do with the fact that this putz negotiated his own agreement with the North Koreans without conferring with Clinton's administration first. I remember the look in that Bill's eyes when he found out about it at a press conference. That was one angry good ol' wonder they considered him to be, and I quote, "a treasonous prick".)

Lately, he has found a brand new friend in Hamas. That's right, Hamas, the terrorist group that calls for nuclear destruction of Israel. According to him, we shouldn't cut off funding simply because Hamas is a bunch of crazed, sociopathic killers.

I wish I was making all that crap up, but you know he's actually said that.

If I have a house when that sumbitch dies, and there is a flagpole in the yard, I am under *no* circumstances lowering that flag to half mast.

The above link takes you to an online petition to censure this pompous ass. Sure, it probably won't lead to anything, but damn, it felt good to sign it.


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