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Now Leaving From Gate 37....Cheap Airfares

Airlines are looking for ways to increase their revenues, and with the current economic climate, they think they have found a few more ways to extract $ from your pockets.

Want an aisle seat on Northwest, and you are booking late? Be prepared to pay $15 for the privilege of not tripping over your fellow passengers on the way to the lavatory. They are looking into possibly charging for emergency exit rows and other seats if this should prove to be popular. This follows Air Canada's charge for seat assignments and United's extra charge for its "Economy Plus" seats.

That's not all. Southwest just announced an increase in their maximum fare. The previous $299 cap is now $309 one-way. Considering how they have torked off some of their frequent flyers with changes to their program, it's possible even more passengers might rethink their loyalty to the carrier.


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