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Think You Know the Answer?

By many reports, this country is the safest one in Central America. It has bright blue butterflies, freshwater sharks (!), and is becoming a popular place for rich Norteamericanos to retire.

Yes, I's still part of North America....

But, it's not Costa Rica.

It had a very troubled past, that's true. The country now has a democratically elected government, and has some nice incentives should you wish to run a tourist business.

What country is it? Click here to find the answer....


  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger DragonStormInAZ said…

    Blast you KO!
    I am never going to get to my job search if I keep finding great off the beaten path places to explore!
    Guess what I am doing this summer?
    Volcanoes, and Rain Forests, and Beaches, oh my!
    Perhaps you need to focus on more exciting places like Iowa or Ajo?


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