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You Got a What Passport, Boy??

Let's say you are an American, and for whatever reason you have decided to renounce your citizenship. However, you want to go down to Bolivia and set off a few bombs, because, well, you're an a$$hole.

Yes, I'm making a value judgment here. Deal with it.

What kind of passport are you likely to use, since your American one is no longer valid?

Well, if re-entry to the United States is not a priority, there's a thing called a "World Passport" that true transnationalists can apply for. It's bright blue, has gold lettering on front, is printed in seven languages, and has on occasion been accepted by (usually) confused customs officials throughout the world. Pony up $45 for three years, and $75 for five, and...maybe it's valid. It depends on where you are going, so either check first or bring a real passport.

Just don't try to use it in Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland or Great Britain, and you too may be able to mystify and confuse customs officials the world over!


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