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Paging Tolya!!

That headline is a bit of an inside joke between me & the Tsar. I'll let you in on it.

Tolya is a big bear of a Russian guy. He can (and has) drunk other people under the table, and easily consumed enough food to keep the average family stuffed at dinnertime. We took him once to a German restaurant in Glendale, Arizona. Me & the Tsar were happily munching on an entree for two.....and so was Tolya. Even after eating the double portion, he was still hungry!! He ate an additional sausage plate, and had some more good German beer to wash it all down. Tolya even had dessert afterwards.

Surprisingly, he's not 300 pounds or more, or a raging alkie.

Anyway, there is one guy he deals with often at Honeywell named David. David is, well...decidedly different, as in, he thinks he hides his preferences for close companionship quite well. Uh....nope! Tolya has this rare gift for seeming like he has no idea that he is driving other people slightly insane with innocent seeming actions, and delights in taking David for lunch at Hooters. Just the place for taking a guy who likes men, right??

Tolya claims he likes the beer and wings. However, the only person he ever takes there is David, not any of the other raging horndogs he comes across. Hmmm.....

Tolya won't be able to treat David to a free flight on Hooters Air for much longer, but at least he'll be able to treat him to a weekend at nearby Vegas' Hooters Casino. The old San Remo has been reborn as the latest venture in the scantily clad wing empire. Click on the link to read the review....

And if you see a Russian guy dragging a very uncomfortable looking guy in there, chances are it's Tolya.


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