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Palestinian Booming Economy Watch, Part One

Tired of busy airports clogged with people and grounded flights?

Have I got an airport for you!

Gaza International is now completely under the administration of the Palestinian Authority. The staff shows incredible dedication, I will give them that. They faithfully show up every day for their jobs, including gate agents and baggage smashers.

One tiny little problem....the Israelis ripped up the runways during the Intifada in 2001, and apparently the Palestinians have been really busy doing other things like suicide bombings to rebuild their economy.

The gate agents, bag smashers and the rest of them spend their days shooting the bull. (Actually, it sounds like my dream job....where do I sign? - ed.)

If the rest of the civilized world does follow through on their threats to cut off the Palestinians because of the election of Hamas to power, they might get laid off. But in their defense, they're going on five years without a crash.....surely that must be rewarded? Right?


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