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Not Feeling In The Pink....Got Me a Case of the Blues

But it's all good....really!

We're not having a Jet Set Chicklet, after all. The ultrasound was wrong. We're going to be welcoming a new Tsarevich! He's Joseph Michael, after his grandfathers.

This time we are sure....amnio results don't lie! ;)

Now I just gotta find receipts for all those cute little dresses.....and get some more overalls. We're bracing ourselves for hospital runs because he's fallen out of a tree, he didn't quite pop a wheelie the right way on his bike, and when he tried to be Superman he didn't exactly nail that landing when he jumped off his bed.

I'll just be happy if he doesn't bring swamp critters into our house someday. I mean, ok, we brought home lizards when we were kids, but Arizona lizards are tiny compared to what grows out here.

I can just see the difference now:

My mother, circa 1974 : "No, you can't keep him, he belongs out in the wild. Put him back. I hope it doesn't get eaten by one of the neighborhood cats."

Me, circa 2014: "@#$%! What the @#$% is that??? Get that out of my house, Joseph, before it bites the dog!!"

Sometimes I really miss Arizona, ya know?


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