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Not the Year of the Mouse in Hong Kong....

No sirree, it hasn't been an easy ride for Disneyland in Hong Kong.

First there were bugs in the hotel....then there was the controversy over shark-fin soup. Not to mention the complaints that souvenirs for sale in the park were made in sweatshops on the Chinese mainland, and that the only classic Disney ride at the park was Space Mountain. (Autopia is scheduled to open in 2006, with maybe the Pirates of the Caribbean coming afterwards.)

Now the complaints are that the park is too small, the costumes worn by the cast members are too hot, and the company is screwing over the local tourist agencies with cheap commissions and demands for early booking for large groups.

With only 16 rides (compared to 52 in it's California park), the locals now have a more negative perception of Disney than they did before the park opened.

Want to see the least Happiest Place on Earth for yourself?

Tickets top out at approximately $45 ($325 HKD) for adults during peak seasons. Kids 3 to 11 top out at about $32.25 ($250). Kids under three get in for free.

Whatever you do, don't try to get in during Chinese New Year. You have been warned.....


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