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I Guess I'm Still a Liberal, But.....

I could have written a lot of this post, too.

I guess there are more of us out there than the media would like you to believe there are, with their focus on nutjobs like Howard Dean, the Daily Kos crowd, and other idiots who don't understand why "Zionazi" is such an offensive, ignorant word.

It's been pretty damn weird the last couple of years. Most of my friends are over on the liberal side, too. I've noticed more and more of them starting up with crap like "Bushitler", "Chimpy Cheney McHalliburton", "the election was stolen....twice!!", "Bush knew there were no WMD's", blah blah blah.

Enough already with this crap, ok? You don't like the president? Fine, I don't either most of the time. But you're not acting any more mature than the idiots who were equating Bill Clinton (or usually more often, Hillary) with communism.

Grow the hell up, dammit!!!

There were a few things that Mr Swirsky did not address in his post that I want to add.

1) The Democrats are not going to win a single damn Presidential election until they put up a candidate who will actually admit that Islamic terrorism is a bad thing, and mean it. That means no Dean, no Murtha, no Pelosi, no Reid.

I frankly am tired of hearing justifications for them blowing shit up that usually involve some blame on our part. I just want them to stop it, immediately. If they won't do it voluntarily, then I guess we have to bring enough pain to make them understand this is not a winning strategy. Yes, it's part of the "You can make me cry, but I can decapitate your sorry ass and leave nothing to bury" kind of thinking that conservatives tend to have. So be it. For once they may be right.

And please, no nominees who blew their previous chances trying yet again to sell themselves to the American public. Tell Al Gore to go back to his farm in Tennessee (give the boy a map, he's probably forgotten where it is, anyway), and tell Kerry to go get Teresa's dry cleaning and shut the hell up about lucky hats from CIA operatives in Cambodia.

Get someone like Lieberman and maybe, maybe you have a shot. Yes, I know, that would mean taking into account flyover country's feelings about the War on Terror, or "al-Qaeda in Iraq which has absolutely no connection to al-Qaeda in the rest of the world" as portrayed in the NY Times. Deal with it. You need their votes.

Being condescending might get you some bandwidth on Atrios, but being respectful might get you the White House. What do you want....power or another four-year whine fest?

2) Knock it off with the anti-semitic crap already.

If the Republicans are supposed to be the Nazis, why the hell are you parroting some of their best lines? You know the ones....Jewish money controls the media....there are too many Jews exerting influence over the government and academia....

Damn, why don't you just come out and say that a swarthy Jewish boy is going to defile Aryan nationhood by impregnating our frauleins with mongrel babies, and get it over with? What's next, quotes from the actual Protocols of the Elders of Zion? (Keep the one about Jews making matzoh with blood for Passover season. The voters will be reminded of it every time they go to the store that month and have to pass the kosher food display. Brilliant, no?)

3) There is nothing, I repeat, nothing vaguely honorable about the Palestinians. If they ever do anything that could be considered an improvement of the human condition, I will take it partially back. Two things, and it will be a complete retraction.

My grandchildren will visit Mars before that happens, if they continue their current modes of misbehavior.

Bangladesh manages to produce jute for export, for Christ's sake, and that has to be one of the most godforsaken hellholes on the planet. Name one damn thing the Palestinians have ever created, except shrapnel, suicide bombers, and hate propaganda.

4) Illegal aliens are not immigrants. Immigrants file paperwork, wait around for a gazillion years for their green cards to be issued, and pay taxes to the government in the meantime. All the while, they live with the fear that some official might take a personal dislike to them and deport them for any stupid reason you can imagine.

"You've been here a bunch of years, been paying taxes, and have American-born kids? Never broke the law, never even got a speeding ticket? That's fascinating....get yer ass on the bus back to the airport for your one-way ticket to your homeland, and shaddup. No, you don't have Constitutional rights. Sorry."

I know. I'm married to one. You wouldn't have seen him in the marches waving a Mexican flag. He was too busy working, along with his other coworkers from Costa Rica, India and Ireland. They have a project deadline to make.....

If we're lucky, my husband will get a green card by the time our little Joey gets to kindergarten.

If we're not and that bullshit bill sponsored by "Amnesty John" McCain & "Bartender! Make it a Triple!" Ted Kennedy goes through, he'll have to wait until Joey graduates from high school, since we have to take into account that someone who ignored the proper channels to get here was technically in this country before the Tsar was, and in the interests of "fairness"......which apply in a sophisticated manner I'm too stupid to understand.....the illegal gets to cut in line ahead of him by procuring fake documentation and a $1000 or so fine.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was free legal help included. It's a smoking deal....considering we've paid over $3000 for our lawyer, and the bill keeps ratcheting up.

Who knows, we might have the house paid off, the Tsar might have accumulated enough credits with the Social Security system to get a microscopic check when he turns 70, and we just might win the Florida Lottery by the time he gets that card, too. But I keep thinking it will arrive in the mail the day after he dies if this stupid bill goes through.

Thanks so much, Senators, this VOTER and her family and friends who VOTE really appreciate your efforts. By the way, Teddy....FYI....most of these so-called "future voters" tend to turn Republican once they get the power of the ballot box. Don't believe me? Look at the stats for Hispanic voters. Yep, do all you can to ensure your party doesn't get back in.

No wonder the Democrat symbol is the jackass.

Can't you guys go do something else, like take a bribe from a lobbyist?

5) Aw, to hell with it.

I'm just going to come out and say it.

I voted for W and I drive a Subaru and was a guvmint worker for over a decade!

I couldn't stand Kerry. He should have had my vote, but I just couldn't do it.

It wasn't the Botox that made his forehead immovable, his constant invocation of @#$%-ing Vietnam (crap.....he wasn't even there a year! McCain was a prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton for over seven years, and he doesn't bring it up during every damn interview on every damn topic!), or that "I voted for it before I voted against it" crap.

It was his assertion that we could handle bin Laden & Co as an international legal problem. Yes, by all means, bringing him up before the International Criminal Court in the Hague would work so well. They did a bang-up job with Milosevic. Sure, they say he died of a heart attack, but I'd wager it was just boredom after being on trial for ten freaking years with no end to the proceedings in sight. Since they are getting warmed up with the Rwanda case, they should get to ol' Skinny in about 15 more years if we brought him in right now.

It was his assertion that we would not take any action anywhere unless it passed a "global test". I guess that means we would have to get the UN to bless any kind of American military action anywhere. Excuse me while I ponder this, and try to keep from laughing at the idea of a bureaucracy even more bloated than the US government making decisions on our behalf whilst the rest of the world gets to act without their sanction (yes, I'm thinking of France in the Ivory Coast, to be specific).

And finally, it was his assertion that we need to leave Iraq immediately before they even got a government of their own off the ground. I'm still not convinced invading was the best thing to do, but mucking it up and leaving it a mess definitely is not an improvement.

As a matter of fact, Kerry still apparently thinks it's a good idea. Click on the link to read an excerpt of the bill that went down 93-6 that the junior senator from Massachusetts sponsored. It's off his own website. This is what he chose to highlight as positive points for consideration.

If I'm getting the nuances correctly, he wanted us to confer with representatives of Iran and Syria to determine the Iraqis' fate. Yeah, I'm sure they would only have their best interests at heart. Fark the elected government that is currently in place in Iraq, their neighbors (and the other representatives of this "coalition of the stupid") know better. The president would also have to get Congressional blessing on the plan.....forget about what the pesky Constitution says about who gets what governmental powers.

Dear Sweet Mother of God, this nation sure dodged a bullet when this idiot lost the election! I think if he were in, he would have rivaled the glory days of the Carter administration.

(Speaking of Carter, when that buffoon finally shucks his last peanut, I'm throwing a huge ol' party.)

If liberals keep being this nuts, I swear I'm going to put a "Condi 2008" bumper sticker on the back of that Subaru.

Don't make me follow through with that.....

I might not stop there if I start putting stickers on it. It's a Subaru thang, you know.

One of them might even be complimentary to the current Commander in Chief, if you other liberals keep going in this crazy direction.

I swear I'll do it!

(goes off to the corner, holding my head and softly moaning "I can't believe I said that!")


  • At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Bryce Zabel said…

    That is a truly great post. Democrats cannot win an election let alone hearts & minds if they can't admit that terrorism is bad, that Islamic fanatics are behind 99% of it, and that we need to stop it. Looking for the "root causes" and prosecuting as a "crime" is akin to saying we can't fight crime until we've solved poverty. You kill terrorists, you lock up criminals and, simultaneously, you try to make the world work a little better. Let's agree on that, then the parties can debate their respective plans. Anyway, good job.

  • At 2:26 AM, Blogger Scone said…

    [Thunderous applause] Brava! Next time anyone questions my politics, I'm sending 'em here.

  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Kory O said…




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