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My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose.....Literally!

Any schmo can get a girl some roses. If you have a few thou lying around, you can get the ultimate treatment for your beloved. That's right, a rose named after him or her. Drop 75k, and you can turn it into a vacation he or she will never forget.

There's already an orange rose that has the first name of the Tsar, so I guess I won't be doing this any time soon. Ok, it wasn't officially named after him, true....but I can pretend it was. If you are interested in a floral tribute to someone you adore, click on the link above.

One little hint, however.....if it's fragrance you're after, skip the red roses. There is a strange little genetic quirk with them that tends to eliminate or completely kill the possibility of a lovely fragrance. Go for a lavender/purple variety, since they tend to have the strongest perfume. Yellows, pinks, and whites can also be surprisingly strong.


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