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Psst, Buddy......Want a Good Steak?

And a relatively cheap vacation, too?

Well, pardner, forget about Texas. Yes, there's somewhere better than Texas for beef. The Omaha Steaks people aren't going to bring you these tasty morsels, either. Nope, you gotta dust off that passport and get some funny looking foreign money to enjoy what are the best damn steaks you will ever have.

Don't be put off too much by the title of this article, or by it's discussion of how your retirement dollars will go far here. Delve past the first few paragraphs, and find out where to stay in this little piece of Europe that kind of got lost (in the locals' opinions, anyway.....they think they're Europeans, regardless of what geography says.......)

Leave the A-1 at home, unless you're a Russian.

What is it with Russians and A-1 sauce, anyway? Even the Tsar can't answer that one....


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